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YuMe launches Bugs Bunny plush

“I’m not weird, I’m limited edition” Bugs Bunny.

Global icon Bugs Bunny turns 80 this July and in celebration YuMe got together with world-leading entertainment company Warner Bros. and popular, multifaceted-lifestyle brand KITH, to launch limited-edition plush. And it only went and sold out in less than one hour!


KITH and a range of carefully selected partners developed an 80-piece collection of apparel, footwear, and accessories for both adults and kids. KITH reached out to YuMe to collaborate on a plush line that captures a shared nostalgia for Looney Tunes and stylized designs. In the last year, KITH and the YuMe creative team worked closely on the project, in order to thoroughly show-off the influence Looney Tunes characters have had on the world since the 1930’s, particularly Bugs Bunny, who made his debut in 1940.

The one-of-a-kind plush collection included a limited-edition Bugs Bunny plush dressed in KITH gear. Though Bugs is turning 80 on July 27, he looks younger than ever thanks to the new Looney Tunes Cartoons design.  In addition, fans found an 8-character plush box set featuring the Looney Tunes characters in the same pallet tones as Bugs. All the squad, Tweety, Daffy, Taz, Marvin and co. donned grey and whites in homage to our wabbit’s big day.

Ronnie Fieg, Founder Owner-operator of KITH, teased the YuMe x KITH x Looney Tunes plush collection himself, prior to the launch on Monday 13th July. The trendy sneaker and streetwear designer, showed-off the stylized Bugs Bunny plush, individually boxed, donning KITH grey athleisure, along with the caption ‘In the full kit.’

With excitement, Ronnie later shared a video unboxing the 8-character set commenting; “So for Bug’s 80th Birthday, we wanted to make sure his homies celebrated with him, and for that we hooked up the whole squad in Bugs Bunny’s pallet, which is that grey, white and pink pallet…The whole squad is repping Bugs heavy right here. And this is one box, with all the plushes that we’ll release with the collection…this is one of my favorite pieces out of the collection, it’s crazy…” Ronnie Fieg. 







KITH launched the collection with a celebration of classic episodes on KITH.com, and exclusive interviews with Eric Bauza, the current voice actor of Bugs Bunny and UCLA animation historian Jerry Beck. There’s also a very special debut featuring Brooklyn born Bugs Bunny, along with present New York icon Ronnie Fieg in an animated cameo!

Bugs Bunny was the second animated character to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame - Warner Bros. most famous creation. The ballsy bunny many will remember from their childhood, remains a loved cultural icon today. Amongst the YuMe team we have a lot of love for Bugs, whether that’s remembering some of the sidesplitting moments of the early series or snatching all the Space Jam gear in the late 90s.

“This collab brought back all the nostalgia from my childhood, waking up and watching Looney Toons cartoons with my morning cereal. It was really cool to see them evolve into the minimalist characters we have in the box set and Bugs in his custom KITH outfit, whilst keeping true to the original character design we all love.” Melissa Marshall, VP Global Product Development & Key Accounts

“What's up, Doc?” – if you missed out on this limited-edition collection, check out our range of original Looney Tunes plush here. Keep up with our moves on social, there’s more exciting collabs to come!

“This could be a beginning of a BEAUTIFUL friendship” Bugs Bunny

If like us, your now feeling a twinge or nostalgia, catch up on some snippets of the new Looney Tunes series here.                                       


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