Spider-Man Tower Series

Introducing the Spider-Man Hero Box Tower Series — a tribute to the iconic wall-crawler's rich history! Step into the web-slinging world with this Blind Box collection, where each box holds a piece of Spider-Man history dating back to the Amazing Fantasy #15 series in 1962.

Inspired by the first appearance of Spider-Man, this Blind Box series features seven unique designs showcasing beloved Spider-Man characters. Each character is a building block in the ultimate Spider-Man high-rise.


  • Great Detail

    Each character boasts a unique design, ensuring a one-of-a-kind addition to your collection.

  • Action Poses

    From the classic Spider-Man to futuristic iterations, this collection spans the entire spectrum of Spidey's legacy in dynamic action poses.

  • Collect and Connect

    Combine characters to build a stunning tower, turning your display into a true Spider-Man spectacle.

  • Stack each building up to 52cm

    Combine all six characters to create a towering masterpiece that stands at an impressive 20 inches or 52 cm.

  • Japanese Spider-Man

    Embrace the mystique of Spider-Man in a whole new cultural light.

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  • Spider-Man Noir

    Venture into the shadows with this noir-inspired rendition.

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  • Spider-Clan

    Join the Spider Clan for an adventure steeped in tradition.

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  • Future Foundation Spider-Man

    Witness the evolution of Spidey with a futuristic twist.

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  • Classic Spider-Man

    Revisit the roots with the timeless, original Spider-Man.

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  • Superior Spider-Man

    Experience the power and intelligence of the Superior Spider-Man

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  • Spider-Ham

    Marvel at the whimsical charm of Spider-Ham in this delightful surprise.

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  • Product

    Plinth and background dimensions:
    Depth: 75 mm / 2.95"
    Width: 125 mm / 4.92"
    Height: 82 mm / 3.23"

  • Hero Box

    Depth: 80 mm / 3.15"
    Width: 80 mm / 3.15"
    Height: 120 mm / 4.72"

  • CDU

    Depth: 170 mm / 6.69"
    Width: 250 mm / 9.84"
    Height: 130 mm / 5.12"