About Us

YuMe creates toys and collectibles that empower play. From scrumptious soft toys, to interactive electronics and innovative unboxing toys, we carefully craft high quality designs that stand out from the crowd. Here comes the plug… our toys put the play in PLAYful.

YuMe, we’re all superfans of something, calling all Potterheads, Alicorns, Bronies, Superheroes and Pranksters! We have something original for each and every one of you!

We’re a team of big kids, who work with the big dogs (the worlds leading entertainment companies), to bring you…Harry Potter, DC Universe, Scooby Doo, Looney Tunes, Horror, Monopoly and My Little Pony...you name it, we create it!

Sometimes quirky, sometimes cute, our designs are always something different! We work every day to inspire play, always experimenting at the FacTOYry and we love hearing from you!

Check out the latest from the FacTOYry, YuMe let’s talk!

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Creative merchandise, empowering play since 1997.

1997 - Maxx Marketing begins in the promotional merchandise biz. Soon recognized for quality and adaptability, Maxx acquired partnerships with some of the world’s leading entertainment and FMCG brands.

2017 - YuMe Toys launches, driven by our love for high quality soft toys and unique & innovative collectibles.

2018 - The YuMe team set the long-term dream to create truly unique toys and collectibles, that empower adventure and play.

2019 - YuMe wins several awards for our Harry Potter Real Talking Sorting Hat™, a must-have sell-out item for Wizarding World™ fans.

2020 – The YuMe team launch a shiny new website, enabling fans to explore our range, purchase and connect. Did we mention you’re all very important to us!