Hello Kitty Animal Series

Be a part of the Hello Kitty Animal Collection keychain and invite Hello Kitty & Friends on all your adventures. Perfect for clipping onto purses, backpacks, school bags, keys, and more, these keychains include an animal accomplice to your kawaii friends and everyday essentials.

Celebrating Hello Kitty's 50th anniversary, each keychain and character is adorned with uniquely cute outfits that showcase Hello Kitty's timeless appeal. From floral dresses to charming accessories, these keychains embody the spirit of friendship and fun that Hello Kitty and her friends are known for.


  • Purrfect Quality

    Carefully crafted from durable PVC, these figurines not only boast irresistible cuteness but also ensure lasting enjoyment.

  • Delectable designs

    It's a kawaii safari with all your favorite Hello Kitty & Friends!

  • Oh-So Adorable Outfits

    Each keychain is a miniature masterpiece, showcasing Hello Kitty in charming dresses, accessories, and outfits that will warm your heart.

  • keychain

    Hello Kitty

    The iconic symbol of kawaii cuteness, now paired with an adorable animal friend.

  • keychain


    Embrace the dark side of sweetness with this mischievous character and her intriguing animal companion.

  • keychain


    The laid-back golden retriever whose animal companion brings an extra layer of joy to every moment.

  • keychain

    My Melody

    The sweet-natured rabbit with a heart as big as her ears, accompanied by an equally charming animal friend.

  • keychain


    The fluffy white puppy with a heart as pure as the clouds he floats on.

  • Product

    Plinth and background dimensions:
    Depth: 80mm/ 3"
    Width: 80mm/ 3"
    Height: 80mm/ 3"

  • Backing Card

    Card dimensions:
    Width: 70mm/ 2.76"
    Height: 175mm/ 6.89"

  • CDU

    Packaging dimensions:
    Depth: 140mm/ 5.11"
    Width: 230mm/ 9.05"
    Height: 240mm/ 9.44"