Hello Kitty Donut Series

Indulge in the sweetest accessory with the Sanrio Hello Kitty Donut Collection keychain. Perfect for clipping onto purses, backpacks, school bags, keys, and more, these delightful keychains add a touch of sugary charm to your everyday essentials.
Available in a delectable assortment of characters, including:
* Cinnamoroll: The fluffy white puppy with a love for all things cinnamon.
* Hello Kitty: The iconic symbol of kawaii cuteness, now with a delicious twist.
* Kuromi: Embrace the dark side of sweetness with this mischievous character.
* My Melody: The sweet-natured rabbit with a heart as big as her ears.
* Pompompurin: The laid-back golden retriever who makes every moment a tail-wagging good time.
Add a sprinkle of cuteness to your daily life with these adorable donut-shaped keychains. Their compact size makes them easy to carry, while the wristband adds a playful touch to your style. Whether you're a fan of Hello Kitty or one of her equally charming friends, this collection invites you to savor the joy of sweet companionship. Clip on the character that steals your heart and let the Hello Kitty Donut Series be a delightful treat wherever you go!

  • Hello Kitty Donut Series

    Hello Kitty

  • Hello Kitty Donut Series


  • Hello Kitty Donut Series

    My Melody

  • Hello Kitty Donut Series

    Pom Pom Purin

  • Hello Kitty Donut Series


  • Product

    Plinth and background dimensions:
    Depth: 80mm/ 3"
    Width: 80mm/ 3"
    Height: 80mm/ 3"

  • Backing Card

    Card dimensions:
    Width: 70mm/ 2.76"
    Height: 175mm/ 6.89"

  • CDU

    Packaging dimensions:
    Depth: 140mm/ 5.11"
    Width: 230mm/ 9.05"
    Height: 240mm/ 9.44"