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DZNR Transformers Optimus Prime™ - 7" Collectible Action Plush Toy with Display Box

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Autobots, roll out! Blast into battle with the courage of Optimus Prime™, and uncover what lies within, in your quest to obtain the entire DZNR What’s Inside Edition Plush collection. 

The YuMe DZNR Transformers Series is inspired by Transformers Generation One (G1) – originally known as “The Transformers” – and was the first series of Transformers. 

The first airing of the animated series dates back to 1984, and the Autobots and Decepticons have been battling for decades ever since. The YuMe DZNR Transformers series honors the G1 design and combines its unique elements with the new style of the franchise. YuMe DZNR Collectible Designer Plush will make perfect gifts for all occasions and fans. 

  • CALLING ALL AUTOBOTS! You’re needed back on the front lines to battle the Decepticons. 
  • SPLIT DESIGN - The signature DZNR split design displays each Transformer with elements that bridge the past with the present. 
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Plushies include vibrant prints on soft, high quality fabric. 
  • UNIQUE DISPLAY BOX - All DZNR plushies include a 7.5 inch collector’s decorative box. 
  • PLUSH SIZE - Each plush is 7 inches, 18 centimeters tall. 
  • 80’s NOSTALGIA - The perfect throwback for long-time fans and an excellent introduction for kids and adults new to the franchise. 
COLLECT THEM ALL - In anticipation of the next installment in the live-action cinematic universe, Transformers 7: Rise of the Beasts – scheduled to release on June 9, 2023 – Transformers will launch its first wave of the DZNR Transformers What’s Inside Edition with three iconic characters: Optimus Prime™, Megatron™ and Bumblebee™.