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DZNR Collectible Action Plush 7" Transformers - Bumblebee

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YuMe DZNR Collectible Designer Plush 7 inch – Transformers, What’s Inside Edition. Spark up your knowledge and uncover what lies within these top Transformers with the DZNR What’s Inside Edition Plush. Meet Megatron, the merciless and evil leader of the Decepticons, blast into battle with the heroic feats of Optimus Prime. Or defend your friends with Autobot scout warrior Bumblebee. 

The YuMe DZNR Transformers Series is inspired by Transformers Generation One (G1). The Transformers G1, originally known simply as “The Transformers”, is the first series of Transformers. The Autobots and Decepticons have been easily recognized across several generations. The first run of the cartoon dates back to 1984. The YuMe DZNR Transformers series honors the G1 styles and enthuses the global Transformers fans via unique split designs. YuMe DZNR Collectible Designer Plush will make perfect gifts for all occasions.
  • CALLING ALL AUTOBOTS! Dive into some 80's nostalgia with these iconic Generation 1 mechanical aliens, transformed into a line of premium collectible plush. Our signature DZNR split design displays each Transformer in their internal and external workings. Made with premium multicolor prints and fabrics, each DZNR also comes in a unique display box to show off your collection.     
  • 80’S NOSTALGIA - The perfect throwback for fans, kids, and kidults alike!
  • COLLECT THEM ALL - Transformer DZNR Wave 1 features multiple fan favorite characters for buffs to collect.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Soft with vibrant prints on high quality fabric, our designs bring your favorite characters to life!
  • UNIQUE DISPLAY BOX - All DZNR comes in a 7.5” collector’s deco box, each unique to its character.
  • GIFT BOX DIMENSION - 5 in (W) x 4.25 in (D) x 7.5 in (H)
  • PLUSH SIZE - 7 in / 18 cm tall.