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YuMe showcases hottest brands for 2024

YuMe Toys, known for their long-standing innovative approach within the toy industry, is set to continue delighting consumers in 2024 with an exciting range of new releases.

Always bringing originality and inspiration to play – no matter one’s age – YuMe Toys will not leave you disappointed this year. Among a long list of lines to be released throughout the year, below are a few key highlights that are sure to thrill fans of the hottest entertainment franchises, in 2024.

YuMe Toys bring a treasure trove of streaming magic and entertainment into consumers’ homes this Fall with the launch of the Netflix Countdown Gift Box, a celebration of eight of the streaming giant’s fan-favourite titles.

Inside the super-sized deluxe gift box consumers will discover 24 premium items that are synonymous with eight of Netflix’s most beloved titles, among them Stranger Things, Bridgerton, One Piece, Rebel Moon, The Witcher and Outer Banks, all of which, for the first time ever, come together in a single licensed product.

This striking curated gift box, uniquely sound-equipped with Netflix’s unmistakeable “Tudum” three-note melody (which plays every time the box is opened), is sure to captivate Netflix fans and it makes the perfect family gift, with something for everyone. Available from early Autumn. MSRP £99.99.


Synchronising launches with the highly anticipated Season 2 Autumn streaming premier of the global streaming sensation, Squid Game, YuMe Toys is excited to announce a brand-new range of collectibles made up of Squid Game Piggy Bank Mystery capsules (MSRP £14.99), Squid Game Bobble Hero (MSRP £5.99), Squid Game Squish Hero (MSRP £4.99) and Squid Game mini DZNR clip-on plush (MSRP £3.99).

There are nine Piggy Bank Mystery Capsules to collect, each featuring a key character and surprise accessories. Once opened and your character is revealed, you can then reseal the capsule and use it as a conventional money box with the figurine on top and perhaps help you save for your next purchase!



Set for an imminent Spring 2024 release, YuMe Hero Box is a collectible figurine range (From £12.99 to £14.99 RSP), with a fun twist on character designs, which projects the characters’ DNA to the fore. Each Hero Box series is made up of numerous (usually between 6 and 8) collectibles, meticulously designed to give them a fresh appeal to fans young and old. Hero Box line-ups include fan-favourite characters such as Spider-man, Deadpool, Stitch, Harry Potter, and The Nightmare Before Christmas.


YuMe is thrilled to be joining Hello Kitty’s 50th-anniversary celebrations. Available from early Spring, YuMe has developed a collectibles range of carnival cuteness that every Hello Kitty fan will want to join.

The new releases include two blind box figurine collections, four ranges of delightful keychains with hand straps, and an assortment of Little Moon Light figurines. These unique collectibles glow at the touch of a button, change colour every few seconds, and are a perfect addition to the Hello Kitty family that will see enthusiasts of the brand falling over their feet to add to their collections.


YuMe Toys will also showcase their own range DZNR – a range of 7.5’’ design-led, premium quality collectible toys - developed for a number of licensing partners, following on from a successful launch in 2023.  Featuring bespoke artwork, style and design, the plush collectibles are a key feature of YuMe’s marketing plans for 2024.

The highly anticipated lines span brands such as Netflix’s One Piece, Rebel Moon, The Witcher & Squid Game, Spy Family, Attack on Titan and Hello Kitty. They are expected to retail at all major grocers and independent toy shops, with an RRP of £14.99.  Brand-loving fans can either take their DZNR collectible toy out the stylish packaging or display it as a collectible range that grows over time.

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