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Awards for Harry Potter capsule

YuMe are very proud to announce the YuMe Harry Potter Magical Capsules have won not one, not two but three industry accreditations in the UK. It seems we’re not the only ones spellbound by our Magical Capsules, as they received 1st place for both Collectibles and Licensed Toys in the BlogOn Toy Awards, and a Silver Award from Toy Shop UK, Independent Toy Awards. Now that’s a hat-trick!

The annual BlogOn Toy Awards, which was hosted virtually this year, involved live demonstrations of over 200 entries across 16 categories. The winners were chosen by parent influencers around the UK, who we’re sure put each toy through its paces! The new format enabled the awards to reach a larger audience of influencers and generate more votes than every before.

Laura Seaton, BlogOn Toy Awards founder, commented on the live stream: "This format allowed us to spotlight each of the individual entries and gave the influencers a better insight into the value for money and quality of each product."

The Independent Toy Awards is well respected within the UK toy industry, due to being voted for by those at the ‘sharpest end of the industry’, the nation's independent toy retailers. With a network of over 900 independent toy retailers, it is no surprise that the Toy Shop UK’s awards are well recognised.  

“We’re thrilled to receive 1st place in both the Collectibles and Licensed Toys category from BlogOn Toy Awards as well as Silver place from the Independent Toy Awards. It is always an honour to receive positive feedback from toy retailers and parents, the true experts of our industry”. Michael Kwan, CEO of Maxx Marketing, (a Maxx Group Company)

Shaped to resemble the iconic ​Hogwarts’ School​ crest, the YuMe ​Harry Potter Magical Capsules​ introduce a new way for fans to show their passion for the ​Wizarding World. ​ Inside each capsule are seven surprises, including a character from ​the Harry Potter​ series, hidden within a secret chamber. Through an unboxing journey of discovery, fans will use color-coded, heat, and water-reveal mechanisms to unlock the surprise character inside. There are 10 iconic characters to collect in series one including fan favourites, Harry​, ​Hermione​, Ron,​ ​Luna​, ​Snape​ and many more. Each capsule also includes a wand, a fantastic beast pet, and three other surprise accessories.

The YuMe Harry Potter Magical Capsules are available at Amazon and widely at toy specialists and independents across EMEA, North America and Australia.

The capsules are a new addition to the successful line of Harry Potter products from YuMe including the YuMe Harry Potter Real Talking Sorting Hat™, the YuMe Harry Potter Magical Infinity Gift Box™, and a wide selection of plush characters. Witches, wizards and Muggles can expect a little more magic later this year, with the launch of a limited-edition Harry Potter Magical Capsule line. So keep your wands at the ready, and a close eye on our social channels!

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