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YuMe excels at three Trade Fairs

Highlights of back-to-back Fairs in HK, London and Nuremberg 2024.

Over the past month, YuMe brand has had the privilege of participating in three significant trade fairs across the globe: Hong Kong, London, and Nuremberg. These events have provided invaluable opportunities to connect with existing customers, showcase our latest innovations, and gather crucial feedback from industry insiders.

One standout moment came from engaging with our existing customers, who praised YuMe for our speed and willingness to accept customer feedback. A prime example of this was our Hero Box products, which received acclaim for their quality and responsiveness to market demands. In just one month, we swiftly added seven new SKUs of products with window box packaging, demonstrating our commitment to agility and customer satisfaction.

At the Hong Kong fair, the rapid development and exceptional quality of our Hello Kitty products caught the attention of attendees. The combination of speed and excellence in execution further solidified YuMe's reputation as a reliable and innovative partner in the industry.

The London fair witnessed the unveiling of our Netflix giftbox, which generated significant excitement and enthusiasm among visitors. Boasting a diverse range of intellectual properties and product categories, the Netflix giftbox proved to be a big hit, delivering joy and entertainment for every member of the family.

Among the many accolades received, YuMe was particularly commended for its culture of innovation. Visitors to our showrooms across all three fairs marveled at the creativity and vibrancy of our product offerings. The YuMe booth, with its captivating design and layout, served as a magnet for attendees, resulting in a multitude of fruitful meetings and interactions.

In total, YuMe facilitated over a few hundred meetings across the three fairs, both through scheduled appointments and spontaneous drop-ins. The overwhelming response underscored the attractiveness of YuMe products and the effectiveness of our booth presentation.

As we reflect on our experiences at the Hong Kong, London, and Nuremberg trade fairs, it is evident that YuMe brand continues to set the standard for innovation and customer engagement in the industry. We are grateful for the opportunity to connect with stakeholders, gather feedback, and showcase our latest offerings. Looking ahead, we remain committed to delivering excellence in all aspects of our business and forging lasting partnerships with our valued customers and collaborators.

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