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YuMe launch Harry Potter Magic Capsules

“Welcome to Hogwarts” - Professor McGonagall


After seven books, ten movies and one play, wizards, witches and muggles alike can finally bring home the magic of the Wizarding World™ with the YuMe Harry Potter Magical Capsules. This is the newest collectible from YuMe in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products.


The Wizarding World and its most famous wizard, The Boy Who Lived, Harry Potter™, became a cultural phenomenon quickly after the publication of the first book in the series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and continues to this day to be one of the most popular franchises for both movie fans and book lovers alike. YuMe set out to design not only a high-quality collectible but also an unboxing experience that captures the magic and adventure of that enchanted world.




You’re a wizard, Harry!” - Rubeus Hagrid”


Shaped to resemble the iconic ​Hogwarts’ School​ crest, the YuMeHarry Potter Magical Capsules introduce a new way for fans to show their passion for the ​Wizarding World. ​ Inside each capsule are seven surprises, including a character from ​the Harry Potter​ series, hidden within a secret chamber. Through an unboxing journey of discovery, fans will use color-coded, heat, and water-reveal mechanisms to unlock the surprise character inside. There are 10 iconic characters to collect in series one including fan favorites such as​ Harry​, ​Hermione​, Ron,​ ​Luna​, ​Snape​ and many more. Each capsule also includes a wand, a fantastic beast pet, and three other surprise accessories.




These Harry Potter Capsules Are Adorable” – Jeremy Konrad, Bleeding Cool


The capsules are available at Walmart.com and Amazon.com will be rolling out to other retailers including Walgreens, Hot Topic and Amazon in early fall 2020, the magic awaits!


“We're suckers for a good blind box, and YuMe Toys has upped the ante with its toy fair reveal: Harry Potter Magical Capsules.” – Brienne Green, MuggleNet


The capsules are a new addition to the successful line of Harry Potter products from YuMe including the YuMe Harry Potter Real Talking Sorting Hat™, the YuMe Harry Potter Magical Infinity Gift Box™, a wide selection of plush characters and much more.


YuMe will be bringing more Harry Potter magic to fans later in the year, so keep your wands at the ready, and follow our social channels to be the first to know!

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