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Harry Potter Hedwig & Fang 7" Soft Toy Set

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  • J K ROWLING’S WIZARDING WORLD™ SOFT TOYS. Start your collection of enchanting wizarding beasts with the YuMe Hedwig & Soft Toy set.
  • HARRY POTTER MOVIE REPLICAS. Collect Harry’s loyal companion Hedwig and Hagrid’s dependable Fang. The very best companion creatures for witches and wizards of all ages.
  • SUPER-SOFT AND ICONIC STYLE. A great gift set for all Wizarding World™ fans.
  • 7” inches (18cm)



The Wizarding World™ would not be the same without the magical beasts behind each and every witch and wizard! Start your collection of the enchanting Harry Potter animals with the YuMe Hedwig & Fang Soft Toy set.  Harry Potter's favourite mail carrier Hedwig has arrived as a 7" a soft plush with familiar wings and beak. You’ll adore Hagrid’s trusty Boarhound Fang, this 7” soft toy has mesmerizing features - just look at those eyes and wrinkles! Designed as exact movie replicas, this soft toy set will bring the wildness of the Wizarding World to life in your home. A great gift set for all Wizarding World™ fans.