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DZNR Series Modern Age Batman 10” Chibi Plush

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  • CALLING ALL COLLECTORS - YuMe DZNR Series Modern Age Batman 7” Chibi Plush is the perfect addition to any Batman collection. Modern Age Batman is based of the artwork of renowned comic-book artist Jim Lee, whose bold work is the definitive version of the modern Batman
  • COLLECT THE FULL SERIES - Batman DZNR series features 6 core designs, including Dark Knight, Camo, Modern Age, Emblem, Logo, Golden Age and Blackout. Collect them all to complete the series
  • HIGH QUALITY, HIGH-DECO - Batman DZNR series is made with high quality, premium plush making each Chibi Ultra soft and vibrant in color
  • GIFT BOX INCLUDED - All 7” DNZR Batman toys come in a high deco gift box, each unique to its edition


Long live the Bat, with the limited-edition Batman DZNR series. A cute but vengeful Chibi plush series with six unique designs to collect. YuMe DZNR Series Modern Age Batman has been designed to celebrate the artwork of renowned comic-book artist Jim Lee. It is Jim Lee’s bold and definitive version of Batman, we know today - the gritty crime fighter of Gotham City. The high-deco Chibis are made from premium materials. Every Batman fan and collector needs a modern edition of the Caped Crusader for their batcave.