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DZNR Series Dark Knight Batman 10” Chibi Plush

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  • CALLING ALL COLLECTORS - DZNR 10" Dark Knight Batman Chibi Plush by YuMe makes the perfect addition to any Batman collection. The Dark Knight chibi celebrates the classic attire of the protector of Gotham.
  • COLLECT THE FULL SERIES - Batman DZNR Series features 6 core designs, including Dark Knight, Camo, Modern Age, Emblem, Logo, Golden Age and Blackout
  • HIGH QUALITY, HIGH- DECO - Batman DZNR Series is made with high quality, premium plush making each Chibi ultra soft and vibrant in color
  • GIFT BOX INCLUDED – All 10” DNZR Batman toys come in a high deco gift box, each unique to its edition


YuMe has created a specialty line of Chibis that iconizes Batman through the ages, and you certainly cannot be without the mighty hero and protector of Gotham in 10" classic style, DZNR Series Dark Knight Batman! “It’s Not Who I Am Underneath, But What I Do That Defines Me.” Dark Knight Batman is one of the six available designs in celebration of our favorite Caped Crusaders, every Batcave needs this series.