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Batman Wheels of Gotham Batmobile Collectibles - 4 Pack Set

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  • ICONIC BATMOBILES - 4 collectible Batmobiles to celebrate the history of Batman’s iconic vehicle from 1943 to 2019.
  • CALLING ALL BATMAN FANS - Get ready to roam the streets of Gotham City with these mini vehicles. Each Batmobile comes with a matching Batman figurine.
  • MIX AND MATCH - create your own story with the interchangeable figurines. Mix it up and get creative!
  • COLLECT THEM ALL - Collect all 9 unique Batmobile designs celebrating the various Batmobiles and Batman eras
  • 2.5” inches (6cm)


Now you can roam the streets of Gotham City just like the Dark Knight with YuMe Mystery Batmobile Collectibles. Each of the nine collectable vehicles are designed to pay tribute to the many eras of the iconic Caped Crusader, including Batman's 1939 original Batmobile and the iconic Adam West's Batmobile from the 1966 TV show.​ Every vehicle comes with matching Batman figurine.  A must-have collectible series for DC Comics fans and collectors. Take a trip down an 80-year memory lane, and race to get the bonus chase vehicle!